To Change Habits of Mind // Barbara Adam

To Change

Habits of Mind

can move mountains

and up-ends our existence

If this is possible for Corona virus

an invisible, intangible infectious invader

working in networked ways silently from within

which demands recognizing our global connectedness

then it can be equally possible for its temporal equivalent

For climate change the requirement is not just global – all of space

but for all life for many thousands of years – all time, space and matter

Covid-19 demonstrates that it is possible to achieve the seemingly impossible

that time-space-matter responses to climate change are indeed possible & doable

In situations of social rupture we begin to become aware of all we take for granted

Things and processes that seemed set in stone, thus considered to be immovable

are recognized as just habits & conventions, thus open to social transformation

Will and intent are not enough as long as habits of mind dictate daily actions

invisibly from within, unseen and unnoticed, forming our common sense

The invisible needs to be rendered visible and the im/material tangible

for experiences to translate into realisations and the will to change

Nothing is impossible just more difficult for very long-term action

where interrelations & interdependencies are not immediate

or at least in the nearer future, affecting those dear to us

Even global strangers in the present feel so much closer

than strangers & other life forms in distant futures

But shifting from space to time-space-matter

becomes possible after having altered

our habits of mind for Covid-19

stopped flying and whizzing

here & everywhere for

the collective good

proving that impossible change

is eminently possible and doable

and even improves our wellbeing

© Barbara Adam

21 March 2020