In an attempt to promote real-time scholarship also outside of the natural sciences, we invite scholars to submit “flash reflections” on temporal and rhythmic shifts in various social terrains to the initiative we tentatively call Times of Covid-19. We particularly welcome inquiries into various social, cultural, political, economic, scientific, and psychological temporalities, their interminglings and both specific and broader implications, involved in the present conjuncture characterized by the global pandemic of Covid-19. Please send short pieces of 700-1200 words to Filip Vostal (filip@filipvostal.net) and Helge Jordheim (helge.jordheim@ikos.uio.no). The texts will be published with the Lifetimes/Temporalities group at the University of Oslo and is also affiliated with the Institute of Philosophy of the Czech Academy of Science. Later, we plan to collect number of essays and then submit them as a discussion piece to Time & Society. Send the paper as soon as you are happy with it. If anyone wants to react, expand, criticise published pieces, feel free to get in touch. We would very much like to turn this initiative into interactive discussion territory. Yes this is also an experiment with having no deadline, at a time when deadlines emerge as dominant cultural time forms.

Filip Vostal & Helge Jordheim, Editors